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At LD&D, we’ve experienced the college recruiting process firsthand. Our daughter is now a committed Division 1 collegiate volleyball player, and her journey has made us keenly aware of the amount of time and money it takes to help your athlete pursue their dreams. This experience has made us sensitive to the amount of money parents spend on competitive sports, and we are committed to keeping our fees low. 

Our lenses have been on the sidelines for 15 years capturing “that moment” well before the digital age. Our photos have been featured in online high school and club sports blogs, team websites and local newspapers. 


“Charley has the eye and talent of a top sports photographer and the ability to capture young athletes at their best. As a bonus, he has the passion and knowledge of a committed sports parent who has already been on the winning side of the college recruiting process.”
- Tara Parker-Pope, volleyball parent and New York Times editor


Charley’s services were a terrific investment for Synergy this year. His experience, professionalism and attention to detail with the volleyball recruiting videos helped our players and parents. Charley made this part of the process easy and enjoyable."

- Patrick Rucker, Director of Recruiting @ Synergy Volleyball Club

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