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 Action Photography

We take a unique approach here. Charging a one session shooting fee, multiple players can share the fee. We shoot, edit and make all of the photos available to the players who signed up prior to the shoot. We limit each shoot to 6 players to ensure maximum results for each player.  


Players can download the images, print them at home, or take them to any photo lab of their choice. Players can also post the photos on social media sites of their choice. 


The cost is $125* per photo session.  A photo session's length depends upon each sport but simply put, from the beginning of the match until the end of the match with a maximum of 2 hours on site.

* Traveling fees are not included in this cost and will be added.  Travel fees are based on the distance  traveled from our office to the venue. We use Google Maps® to calculate the distance (round trip) at the rate of 45 cents per mile.

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