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Just when you think you've answered all the questions......  Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.  If your answer is not listed below, send us and email, we'll answer it for you and probably add it to this growing list.

Why do you offer such a short video?

  This is probably our most asked questionOur goal is to provide you with a 3-5 minute highlight video that will capture a viewing coaches attention in the first few minutes.  Truth of the matter is, coaches can tell very quickly if they are interested. Currently the average view time of our videos on the LD&D YouTubeChannel is 2:20.  


Do you offer complete game videos?


  A coach may follow up by asking to see more complete video of an entire game.  LD&D offers low cost complete games (with non action time removed) for a very low cost ($25 per game) to players who purchase a highlight video from us using film that we shot.  These videos come with a strong copyright warning so please do not consider sharing them with other players for their use.

Can you add music or sound to the video?

  This was taken into consideration early on in the process of developing our business model. We talked with many coaches and the general consensus was if there is music on the videos, they, the coaches, typically will mute it. This is mostly due to sensory overload, a general distraction or not caring for the genre of music chosen. From a business perspective, our model is to keep the videos as simple and clean as possible. This helps keep the costs down for the clients and satisfies the needs of the coaches.  Additionally, many times conversations are going on around the camera and the mic pics up those conversations. At minimum it's embarrassing.  At worst, it's a law suit.


I'm afraid the coach won't be able to find my athlete in the video.  Can you add arrows or something like that to help?

  Adding tracking arrows is helpful in some sports, while in others such as volleyball is not necessary. In volleyball, if the video is shot from behind the players, as most coaches prefer, the players have those big numbers on their backs, the coaches have very little trouble finding who they are looking for and the arrows just become an annoyance.  In other sports, especially field sports, a tracking item may be needed.  In these cases, LD&D will add what we call a tracking dot.  It is placed on the player, and diminishes in size until it disappears.  It's duration is about 1 second and is just big enough and quick enough to draw the coaches attention.


What about adding stop motion, slow motion and replay?

The purpose of the videos we create at LD&D are for coaches to see you in action and for them to watch the athlete perform and help them to make a quick and fair assessment of whether that player's assets will fit into their program.  These effects are generally used more to assist a coach and player to adjust mechanical aspects of their game.  Considering the purpose of our videos, a huge majority of the coaches we talked to hate this stuff..


Can you add my statistics?

  In many cases, the stats are outdated by the time the videos are watched. We suggest you keep your statistics in your player profile or in your introduction email to the coach. In this way, stats are kept current and again keeps the video cost down because adding the stats to the video will of course add to video editing time.

Because Everyone Wants to Know......

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