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 Highlight Videos

Recruiting videos are essential in the college recruiting process.  Coaches need to see you in action.  We will travel to your game, film you in action and create your highlight video.  Total cost varies from sport to sport.  Essentially it works out to approximately $40 per hour to film, travel expenses* and $130 to create the video.  Finally, we will post your video on our YouTube® channel and supply you with a link to send coaches.

* Traveling fees are not included in this cost and will be added.  Travel fees are based on the distance traveled from our office to the venue. We use Google Maps® to calculate the distance (round trip) at the rate of 50 cents per mile.

Additionally, we offer to create your highlight video using footage you provide.

Here we offer 2 pricing options.  

  • PLAYER REVIEW:  You send us your video (or web links to the video) and fill out our Timeline Play Sheet in which you watch your video 
    and record when your best plays stop and start.  Tell us your
    number, position and a short discription of the play.  This is
    our least expensive package at $130 and requires some effort
    on your end.

  • STAFF REVIEW:  You send us your video, we review it and create
    your video using what we feel are your best plays.  Again, we will
    need to know your uniform number and position so we can find you.
    This is priced using a $30 per hour reviewing fee (based on the length of video(s) you provide and $130 to create your highlight video.

Our goal is to provide you with a 3-5 minute highlight video that will

capture a viewing coaches attention in the first few minutes.  One of the 

most asked questions is, "Why 3-5 minuteslong, why not longer"?  Truth

of the matter is, coaches can tell very quickly if they are interested.  Currently the average view time of our recruiting videos on the LD&D YouTube Channel is 2:20.


We offer multiple player and club or team discounts.  

Send us an email, tell us your situation and we'll quote you a discounted price.

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