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What Our Customers are Saying......

"Charley has the eye and talent of a top sports photographer and the ability to capture young athletes at their best. As a bonus, he has the passion and knowledge of a committed sports parent who has already been on the winning side of the college recruiting process.”  

- Tara Parker-Pope, volleyball parent and New York Times editor


"Charley’s services were a terrific investment for Synergy this year. His experience, professionalism and attention to detail with the volleyball recruiting videos helped our players and parents. Charley made this part of the process easy and enjoyable.” 

- Patrick Rucker, Director of Recruiting @ Synergy Volleyball Club

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I had a wonderful experience with LD&D. LD&D provided me with an outstanding highlight video and profile. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their type of services. The professional video and profile was everything we were looking for to help us get our daughter recruited.

- Len Capauno, basketball parent


"I think the work Charley did was very good.  He was flexible and cooperated with input.  He was very concerned about quality....he appreciated feedback.   I recently received feedback from a college coach who viewed the video, he was able to analyze the skills needed to make an assessment to determine if their program could potentially be a match for my daughter.  That is the purpose of the video and it met our needs".

- Mike Krause, East Coast Power and Parkland High School Volleyball coach and a volleyball parent


"Charley did an outstanding job of taping 7 matches to make an excellent video showcasing my daughter. He also created a profile and added pictures that he took to also showcase pertinent information. The first day I sent out the emails to college coaches I had several positive responses and even a college coach reached out to Synergy to gather more information. Charley also provided me with information about how the recruiting process works and worked through proper correspondence with coaches. I can't thank Charley enough for all the work he put into this process for my daughter." 

- Dana Rachwal, volleyball parent


I showed the skills video to a College coach who is a friend of mine and he said the quality of the video was top notch.  He said  it was exactly the type of skills video that coaches like to see.

- Arthur Napolitano, volleyball parent


"Charley did an amazing job for my daughter, he went beyond our expectations. Thanks again for a great job". 

- Bob Stranick, volleyball parent


"Charley has a true gift of creativity combined with great professionalism. His creative talents include sports photography and video recording which many parents can do. But there is something very special about what he captures and what I have tried to capture over the years of my own children during their tournament play. I no longer waste my time to shoot hours of photos or video when Charley does it so well. I can actually go and watch the event and not have to worry about "did I get that play on video". Once he has the images, he creates masterpieces for families to enjoy. Charley's gift also includes a true professionalism being a man of integrity. He does what he says he will do in the time he says he will do it...not typical of most sports photographers. Charley has come up with a systematic way of helping student athletes and their parents in the recruiting process for a variety of sports. For the lacrosse community, he will eliminate the time, effort and headaches for families who need to put together the information necessary to send off to the college coaches. Investing in Charley's player profile and video highlights will be the best investment any parent can make in their child. I highly recommend Charley Lowe and LD&D". 

- Bob Rhein, Varsity Head Coach - Boys Lacrosse Eastern York High School


“Charley is a great guy and a true professional - not only does he deliver high quality goods, he is incredbily prompt and courteous. He is also willing to listen to your questions and provide sound advice during the recruiting process. Charley's sharp eye and creative production of game footage we had taken caught the attention of a Division I coach, who has since offered our daughter a scholarship to play volleyball in 2015. I would absolutely recommend working with Charley for all your recruitment needs.."

- Marlis Miller, parent of Division 1 volleyball recruit


“Charley is the ultimate professional, his keen eye and experience provides the perfect shot and/or video that captures the true essence of the moment."

- Mike Lott, Coach and parent of Division 1 volleyball player


“Charley’s skills with action photography sequences, player profiles, and high quality video editing is some of the best I have seen. I highly recommend his talents, creativity, and integrity.” 

- Bill Wakelee, volleyball parent of Division II volleyball player and Director Marketing Communications


“LD&D provided clear estimate of the cost of their service, they were on time & stayed for duration of tournament filming and delivered the final product on a timely basis. Thanks for job well done.” 

- Marty Purcell, volleyball parent


“LD&D is an excellent resource for both full game video and highlight clips. They are able to provide well edited game highlights in a timely and professional manner. Charley is responsive and accommodating..” 

- Destiny Salvaggio, volleyball parent


“We commissioned LD&D to film a highlight video of our daughter at a volleyball tournament. I would have to say that everything met or exceeded our expectations. Working with Charley was a seamless experience, with each aspect being handled professionally from the onset to the delivery of the video. The video was a very well-done product that we are pleased with and are now able to use during the recruitment process. It was definitely worth the investment.  Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend LD&D and Charley Lowe to other parents and athletes..” 

- Myles Swann, parent of Division 1 volleyball recruit


“LD&D filmed a highlight video of my daughter playing volleyball during a tournament. Charley stayed for the entire day - even playoffs.  He did an excellent job and the price was right.  Afterwards, he even gave us some much needed advice on college recruiting free of charge.  I would definitely recommend LD&D to anyone who needs this type of service.”

- Debbie Nightwine, volleyball parent

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